Pet friendly Certificate

Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification

Ekonav Pet Friendly Certifier is an innovative, well-organized system, aimed at implementing a state-of-the-art infrastructure and services system that will offer added value to the tourist product and the destinations.

The development of a reliable EkonavPet Friendly Certifier System, can serve as a means of identifying, distinguishing and promoting companies that offer a "differentiated experience" to their customers. This initiative has multiple objectives:

  • To recognise and showcase hotels which have invested in a diversified experience in accommodation through the development of a particular design concept and the offer of upgraded services and amenities to clients travelling with their pets;

  • To protect consumers from misleadingly named 'Pet Friendly' hotels, that is to say from hotels without a clear 'Pet Friendly' concept, which don't fulfil the expectations created;

  • To promote the EkonavPet Friendly Certifier hotels in the domestic and international tourist markets.

Target Group

Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification is suitable for all organizations, regardless of their size, sector or geographic region. It is particularly useful for Hotel Accommodation, Parks, Means of Transportation, Camping, Food-Service Companies, Restaurants, and Accommodation, beaches, companies at all sectors.

Certification Process / Required documents

The Organization interested to achieve certification against Ekonav Pet Friendly standard requirements contacts Delta Cert and fill in the application. 

We are at your disposal for any clarification regarding the certification services.